Pioneer Soaps




Welcome to Pioneer Soaps, a handmade, herbal vegan soap company. All soap are 100% vegan and all ingredients are carefully selected to be cruelty free

I try to keep things down to earth and simple. Wholesome goodness does not need fancy packaging and does not need ingredient one does not understand. Ingredients are basic, labels are printed at home and hand wrapped around the soap. Herbal ingredients are often wild harvested, grown in my own gardens and/or bought USDA certified whenever possible. 

New base oil Recipe! Pioneer Soaps now uses a new base oil recipe with USDA certified organic oils: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Flaxseed Oil and Cocoa Butter. Please make sure to check the description listed with each soap to see if it was made using my old or my new base oil recipe. Future soaps will all use my new USDA certified organic oils recipe.

Herbal Unscented: These soaps contain actual herbal ingredients, flower petals, whole, crushed and/or powdered leaves, spices, seeds and beans. All Pure Herbal soaps are unscented.

Fragranced Soaps: These soaps are colored with pigments and/or micas and are scented with fragrance oils. They do not contain herbal ingredients.

Herbal Scented: These soaps contain all natural herbs as those in the Herbal Unscented line and also contain some pigments/micas and are scented with Essential oils or fragrance oils.  Please check the description with each soap.

Soap Shapes: Sometimes I have soap left over after filling a certain mold, this soap is then poured into small individual molds. Supply of these soaps is limited!