Pioneer Soaps

Q: Which oils do you use for the base soap?

A: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil,  Flax Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Cocoa Butter, Wheat Germ Oil, Soy Oil, Cottonseed Oil. All ingredients are listed with each soap in the descriptions. All new soaps will be made using USDA certified organic base oils. (scroll down for pictures).

Q: Are the soaps rough to the touch or scratchy to skin, can I use them on my face?

A: Some of the soaps feel a little rough to the touch due to their herbal ingredients, but they are not so rough as to be able to "scratch" your skin. When soaps are used on the body they have a mild exfoliating property. You can safely use all Pioneer Soaps' soaps on your face but a washcloth is recommended.

Q: Can I use the soap on my baby's skin? Can I use it on mature skin?

A: All of Pioneer Soaps' soaps can safely be used on all skin types. For sensitive and mature skin, soap with added Wheat Germ Oil is recommended.

Q: Do you sell wholesale? Do you sell in stores or Ebay/Etsy/Amazon? 

A: At this time I do not sale wholesale or in local or online stores/sites.

Q: Can I use the soap on my hair?

A:  Yes you can use any of the soaps on your hair. People often rinse their hair with a mild vinegar solution afterwards. 

Q: Do you have samples I can order?

A: I do not have sample soaps. Soaps are made in small batches and usually do not have sufficient leftovers to use as sample soaps. If and when I do have some decent leftover pieces they will be listed under the "Soap Shapes" page.